Maximum effort has been made to the accuracy of all Company programs and information. However it is likely that some small changes which the Company can not control, may occur. 
1. Before starting or during the excursions our Company reserves the right to modify the program of the trip due to unforeseen factors. Such events are, without limitation, weather conditions, fires, floods, earthquakes, disasters, strikes, political events, etc. In these cases if it is possible we usually offer a second very similar solution to the excursion you have already booked and we will give you back the difference in the price you have paid. In these cases the customer has 2 alternatives:
- Accept the change and get refunded if there is a difference in the price.
-To Cancel the trip with simultaneous return of the whole sum of money paid.

2. During the trip leader or local representative has the right to make small changes to the program in order to keep the time schedule. 


Our Company has the right to cancel any trip for the following reasons:
1) If the limit of people is not reached the company has the right to cancel the excursion and you can rebook for another day.
2) If the weather conditions are not good.
3) If the places to be visited are closed due to some reason.


You have a right to be fully - refunded in the following cases:
1) In case the Company cancels a trip and you don’t accept a change which maybe proposed then you have a full refund of the trip you have booked.
2) In case of a non-show due to illness which is proven by a doctor .
3) If you call at our offices(working hours) one day before the excursion you have booked you are entitled to a full refund.

You don’t have the right to be refunded in the following cases:
1) If you don’t show up at the specific time and place given by our Company.
2) In case you don’t show up at the scheduled departures during the excursion.
3) In case the excursion wasn’t what you expected as you have participated in it after reading the trip itinerary .
4) In case you have booked for more people and eventually not all come to the excursion.

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